30 Ways to Celebrate NTM

There are so many ways for students, librarians, educators, and more to celebrate National Translation Month, but here are 30 to get you started.

  1. Share our social graphic using #TranslationMonth during September.
  2. Share a favorite translated poem on social media and tweet to @TranslateMonth using #TranslationMonth, or tag us on Facebook at @nationaltranslationmonth.
  3. Organize a reading of your favorite translated authors (for instance, we held an event celebrating the poetry of Pablo Neruda and Federico Garcia Lorca in New York City—but you could pick any author(s) in translation you like).
  4. Create a book display in your local library of books in translation.
  5. Host a special writing in translation book club for September.
  6. Host a Twitter chat with a translator and the author on your organization’s, library’s, or book club’s Twitter feed.
  7. Host an open mic at your local library where participants can share their favorite poems or works in translation.
  8. Memorize a poem in translation.
  9. Share your favorite lines in translation on your Facebook or Twitter feed and tag the translator and/or author as well as include #TranslationMonth.
  10. Read and review a work in translation.
  11. Blog about a new work in translation.
  12. Interview a translator for your blog.
  13. Create cover art for a work in translation that you identify with most.
  14. Create a poster for National Translation Month and share it on social media.
  15. Read a new poem in translation every day from publications like Modern Poetry in Translation.
  16. Find examples of a writer’s work in their original language and in translation.
  17. Write a poem in your own language and then try to translate into another language.
  18. Read William H. Gass’ Reading Rilke: Reflections on the Problem of Translation.
  19. Read Jane Hirschfield’s The Ink Dark Moon: Women of the Ancient Court of Japan.
  20. Read El Coro. Edited by Martín Espada.
  21. Start a Reddit community about writing in translation.
  22. Make a collage of your favorite translated lines in both your language and the original language.
  23. Watch Il Postino and have a post-movie discussion.
  24. Listen to Pablo Neruda Read His Poetry In English For the First Time, Days Before His Nobel Prize Acceptance (1971) here.
  25. Read “In Memory of M. B.” by Anna Akhmatova translated by Stanley Kunitz.
  26. Listen to more poetry in translation here via the Poetry Translation Centre.
  27. Discover translators and their works via Words without Borders here.
  28. Discover speculative fiction in translation at Speculative Fiction in Translation here.
  29. Attend an event in celebration of National Translation Month listed here.
  30. Sign up for the National Translation Newsletter to discover new translations every September here.

Want to share more ways to celebrate NTM? Email us.

Still have more questions about NTM? Check out our FAQ.