See what people are saying about NTM:

“An intelligently-planned, imaginative, and much-needed initiative to connect global voices in a month-long online literary forum. There’s nothing else like it.”
—Adam J. Sorkin, translator of contemporary Romanian literature, Distinguished Professor of English, Penn State Brandywine
“This website’s national translation feature gives translators and translation deserved recognition.”
Roger Sedarat, Associate Professor, Queens College MFA in Literary Translation
“NATIONAL TRANSLATION MONTH is an inspired initiative and labor of love. Claudia Serea & Loren Kleinman are international poetry heroes.”
Roger Hickin, translator and publisher, Cold Hub Press.
“We need to celebrate the art and science and sheer magic of translation, that seamless web that holds world literature together, and National Translation Month is our joyous occasion. Brilliantly executed by Claudia Serea and Loren Kleinman, the diversity of literature and language made available by NTM is an astonishing treasure that keeps growing every year.”
—Larissa Shmailo, poet and translator, author of Victory over the Sun, Červená Barva Press (2014)
“NTM offers some of the most exciting translations of contemporary international writing.”
—Katerina Stoykova-Klemer, poet, translator of contemporary Bulgarian writing
“NTM (NationalTranslationMonth.org) is quickly becoming an essential resource, for literary translators and lovers of World Literature alike, of new translations of international writing, poetry and prose, contemporary and old. Along with luminaries like Words Without Borders and Asymptote, NTM became a leader in bringing to Anglophone readers everywhere the incredible wealth available to us from other cultures. Joining the relatively recent publishing ventures that include Open Letter, Two Lines, Restless Books, Deep Vellum, Argos Books, and New Vessel, and veterans like Archipelago Books, Oberlin Field Translation Series, Litmus Press,Tupelo and Zephyr (to name just a few), the NTM initiative could not have come at a more decisive time. A veritable tide of international writing in English is now a decade in building. I am personally indebted to founders Loren Kleinman and Claudia Serea for the honor of sharing the community they have created with such esteemed colleagues as Sean Cotter, Roger Sedarat, Adam J. Sorkin, and many more accomplished colleagues.”
Alex Cigale, poet, editor, translator, 2015 NEA Literary Translation Fellow