About NTM

Founded in 2013 by poet, author, educator, and journalist, Loren Kleinman, and by Romanian-born poet and translator, Claudia Serea, National Translation Month is a celebration of translation throughout the month of September.

Language is a way to express the human experience, yet it also presents communication barriers. With the efforts of accomplished translators, however, those barriers can be overcome to foster artistic unity across linguistic boundaries.

If you are interested in submitting translations, please review our Submission Guidelines. If you are interested in celebrating NTM with us and would like to host a badge on your site, please Email us.

National Translation Month’s (NTM) mission is to encourage readers worldwide to celebrate literary works in translation from a variety of international authors, both past, and present.

The Goals of NTM are:
  • to promote scholarship in the field of translation.
  • to increase the prevalence of translated works in literary education.
  • to build appreciation for and visibility of foreign language authors internationally.
NTM’s goals are of importance because:
  • recognition of foreign language authors can lead to the expansion of the literary field.
  • increased understanding of cultural perspective can lead to the building of a broader understanding of the human experience.
  • bring attention to the importance of translation studies and how it builds and diversifies the subject area of literature.

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