National Translation Month reading at the Felician University Little Theater in Rutherford, NJ

Lovely reading on September 7, 2022, at the Felician University Little Theater in Rutherford! The Red Wheelbarrow Poets celebrated National Translation Month with an event featuring Nina Kossman and Vasyl Makhno, focusing on poetry against the war in Ukraine. Many thanks to our features and to all who attended and read in the open mic. We heard translations from Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Here is Nina Kossman reading her translation of Dmitry Blizniuk.

To see more translations from the Ukrainian, check out our Special Feature Part 1 and Part 2 published earlier this year at the start of the war in Ukraine. Please share and donate to help the cause of the Ukrainian people.

—Claudia Serea and Loren Kleinman


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