Ukrainian Poetry in Translation Special Feature—Part II

Part II of our Special Feature dedicated to Ukrainian poetry in translation includes the poetry of Pavlo Tychyna and Kateryna Babkina translated by Virlana Tkacz and Wanda Phipps, Mykola Vorobiov translated by Maria G. Rewakowicz, Serhi Zhadan translated by John Hennessy and Ostap Kin, Lyudmyla Khersonska translated by Grace Mahoney, Olga Livshin, and Nina Kossman, Boris Khersonsky translated by Martha M. F. Kelly, Olga Livshin, and Nina Kossman, Oleg Kadanov and Halyna Kruk translated by RB Lemberg, Iryna Starovoyt translated by Grace Mahoney, and Dmitry Blizniuk  transated by Nina Kossman.

Our gratitude goes to the editors at Lost Horse Press for their unwavering support and to all the editors of journals, collections, and presses where some of these poems previously appeared. Many thanks to all the poets and translators who spread the word and sent us poems in just a few days, and to our newly appointed Translations Editor, Dana Serea, who edited this special feature.

We’d also like to request your support for these tremendous poets and their translators.Many of them are still stuck in Ukraine, dealing with unthinkable difficulties—so please consider donating to the organizations below.

Help Ukraine Center             Help Ukraine Win

Send to Serhiy Zhadan’s PayPal account for humanitarian relief
Name: Сергій Жадан
PayPal address:

In addition, our Romanian-American editors recommend donating to Immigration Research Forum and Blue Heron Foundation, two organizations with volunteers on the border with Romanian and Moldova, helping Ukrainian refugees.

We will return to our regular #TranslationMonth edition in September, when we’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Until then, please keep sharing Ukrainian voices and stand united against the horrors of this war. Thank you all for being part of this project. #StandWithUkraine

—The Editors

Click here to read our Special Feature: Ukrainian poetry in translation—Part II


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