Dreams and Nightmares: Russian Poems Translated by Nina Kossman

“Man Brings Death to Beasts of the Earth” by Nina Kossman

Today, we’re excited to feature two Russian poets: Dmitry Danilov and Vlad Pryakhin, in beautiful translations by Nina Kossman. These fiery and unforgettable poems share a journey theme—from a Russian hell march to an eerie existential trip—encountering other strange fellow travelers. Accompanying the poems are Kossman’s oil paintings populated by beings who travel as well through their own realm of dreams and nightmares.

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Click here to read poems by Dmitry Danilov and Vlad Pryakhin translated by Nina Kossman

—Claudia Serea and Loren Kleinman


3 thoughts on “Dreams and Nightmares: Russian Poems Translated by Nina Kossman

  1. The English versions of works by D. Danilov and V. Pryakhin are powerful and memorable poems in their own right and the paintings by N. Kossman, also translations of a kind, paired with the poems (and the painting paired with the text above) are equally powerful and unforgettable. I appreciate you for highlighting these works together, for opening a wider audience for these works. Thank you!

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