New Translations from the Abruzzese Dialect By Gil Fagiani

Abruzzo is an Italian region, east of Rome, with an Adriatic coastline and the Apennine Mountains. National parks and nature reserves cover much of its rugged interior. It also encompasses hilltop towns, dating to the medieval and Renaissance periods. The regional accents of Abruzzo include Teramano, Abruzzese Orientale Adriatico, and Abruzzese Occidentale.

Today, we’re delighted to share with you a few new translations of poems written in the Abruzzese dialect and translated by the accomplished poet and translator Gil Fagiani who specializes in translations from surviving Italian dialects.

And remember, in September and beyond: read and share your best-loved translated poems. We hope our picks will become your new favorites.

—Claudia Serea and Loren Kleinman

Click HERE to read New Translations from the Abruzzese Dialect By Gil Fagiani


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